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From how we nourish, fuel and heal our bodies with what we eat and drink; to how our bodies feel, function and move; to the inner balance and overall wellness within ourselves, and more - LTGI is about providing you with easily applicable guidance to feeling and being your best.

Meet Sarah and Peter

Sarah Coppola,

Certified Integrative Health Coach, RYT200

Peter Coppola,

PT, BI-D, RYT200

What You Need to Know About the “Blue Zones”

Have you heard of “Blue Zones”? This is a term used to identify select (five) regions/communities around the world where people have greater longevity. It’s fascinating stuff, and researchers have dedicated extensive study to offer an explanation as to why these populations live such healthier and longer lives. This recent NPR article offers a very […]

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Free Deepak Chopra Guided Meditations

The myriad benefits of meditation have been proven time and time again (see below for some links to clinical/scientific studies). But, no matter where you are in a meditation practice – just starting out, wanting to get back into it, or are seasoned – consider giving yourself the gift of some guided meditations for inspiration. […]

Vegan Breakfast Chocolate Banana Milkshake

Chocolate Breakfast Milkshake

A breakfast-approved, healthy “chocolate milkshake” — need we say more? Recently came across and decided to try this Garden of Life grainfree protein, and we are loving it. Organic, very pure, superfood- and nutrient-dense, satisfying/feels good (filling and no gurgly or unsettled stomachs here) AND actually tastes good (even just shaken up with water and/or […]

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