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From how we nourish, fuel and heal our bodies with what we eat and drink; to how our bodies feel, function and move; to the inner balance and overall wellness within ourselves, and more - LTGI is about providing you with easily applicable guidance to feeling and being your best.

Meet Sarah and Peter

Sarah Coppola,

Certified Integrative Health Coach, RYT200

Peter Coppola,

PT, BI-D, RYT200

Matcha Green Tea

Mmm, Matcha

After sharing this photo of a morning cup of matcha green tea on Instagram/Facebook, I received several questions about preferred brands and the “whys” of matcha. After sending a few individual responses, it seemed worthwhile to share more information here! As for the myriad benefits of matcha, they include: It is an undeniable powerhouse of […]

Chopped Bruschetta Salad

Chopped Bruschetta Salad

Here’s a recipe that transforms bruschetta by deconstructing it and turning it into a salad. All of the deliciousness plus added nutritiousness. One of my go-to bruschetta recipes is a concoction of tomatoes, olives, beans, greens and some herbs and seasoning (oil, vinegar, pepper, salt). But you can only get so much of that on […]

DIY Holiday Treat Gift Ideas

As Hanukkah comes to and end and Christmas is just around the corner, you may be scrambling for some last minute gift ideas. A thoughtful do-it-yourself (DIY) gift can be just the thing. More time may afford you the ability to make a handmade treasure like a knit hat or scarf, but whether or not […]

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